Yichun is located in the northwest of jiangxi province . It was found in Han Dynasty and has more than 2200 years history . It dominates zhangshu, Fengcheng, Gao¡¯an , Shanggao, Wanzai ,Yifeng, Tonggu, Fengxin, Jing¡¯an , Yuanzhou etc 3 cities and 6 counties .With a total area of 18,700 square Kilometers and a population of 5,400,000 ? There are Han, Hui,Meng, Zang, Miao, Yi, Zhuang, ?BuYi, Man, Tong, Yao, Bai, TuJia, HaNi, Dai, Li, Gaoshan, Shui, NaXi, Jingpo, Tu, Molao, Bulang, YiLao, Jingzhu etc 33 folks ...
district is ?Located in the west of Jiangxi Province...
located in the middle part of Jiangxi Province ,? the plain ...
located in GanFu plain and middle part of Jiangxi Province ...
located in the north of Yichun city . Its east near to An¡¯yi...
Located in the northwest of Gan .? It is the ?hometown ...
located in the middle part partial to northwest of Jiangxi Province...
Located in the northwest of Jiangxi Province and middle ...
Located in the south ?foot of Jiuling mountain in north ...
located in the northwest of Jiangxi province . Its hills ...
located in the ?Northwest¡¡border area of Gan . ?It is ...
¡¡¡¡Yichun Zone is wider? , soil Resource is very abundant and? multiform. The whole city¡¯s ?area is 18637.67 sqkm . Plowland? area covers 482,200 hectare and every one can own 0.09 hectare . The...
¡¡¡¡Yichun belongs to middle ?subtropical monsoon climate zone .It characterized by clearly-cut seasons. The spring and autumn is short ,the winter and summer is long . Winter is cold and summer...
¡¡¡¡During the 5 years of Han dynasty¡¡ancestor £¨202 B.c.£©, ?Liubang dispatched ?the general Chenying to pacificate the Jiang Nan ( another parlance : the person is Guanyin who pacificate...
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¢ñ.Yichun Songhua preserved egg
¢ò.Yuanzhou Tuotai lacquer
¢ô.Waizai Fireworks
¢õ.Gao¡¯an Bean Curd Skin
¢ö.Fengcheng Freeze rice sugar
¢ñ.Yichun Economy Technology Development Zone
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¢ò.Yichun Economy Technology Development Zone
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¢ñ.Yichun History Culture 2 days Tour
¢ò.Yuanzhou, Wanzai, Tonggu, Pingxiang, Jinggang ..
¢ô.Mingyue mountain ,Wanzai ,Gao¡¯an,Fengxin zoology..
¢õ.Mingyue mountain,Bamboo mountain cavity,San Zhua Lun..
¢ö.Zen culture 3 days tour
¡¡¡¡Yichun Economy and Technology
Development Zone : established on April 2000 approved by The Communist Yichun municipal Party committee and Yichun government ,locat..
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